Senja Residences

The Senja Residences EC is a good option for anybody looking to purchase a home in Singapore. This towering complex is set inside a verdant landscape and contains beautiful water features and winding walkways. The gardens, which were planned with biophilic architecture in mind, provide plenty of space for residents to relax and contemplate. As a prime illustration of this idea in action, consider the communal garden.

The development's adaptability to different household configurations makes it a suitable choice for households with children and/or elderly members. The Senja Residence EC is a great way for residents to supplement their income with rental money. There is a five-story structure in the complex that serves as a noise buffer. Segar LRT Station is just a 5-minute stroll away, further adding to the property's practicality.

Senja Residences EC is in a great area, and it's not only because it's near to the Bukit Panjang MRT station. There are a lot of conveniences and institutions of learning in the area. Construction is expected to wrap up in 2021. There are almost 50,000 people who use their expertise to make a living in this area, including students and faculty from the six nearby institutions, employees from the hundreds of local companies, and founders of the many innovative new ventures. Thus, it has become a popular destination for both tourists and permanent residents.

Senja Residences EC is in a fantastic location for individuals who rely on public transportation to go to work. The commute to the Bukit MRT station takes just two minutes, and to Newton and Novena it takes only fifteen. Dairy Farm Road, Bukit Timah Road, and Bukit Panjang Road are just a few of the key thoroughfares that lead there. It's conveniently located close to many highways and public transportation options.

Check out Senja Residences and it will surely give that quality impression you’re looking for in a home.

Scenic Beauty at Bukit Batok Nature Park

Singapore's Bukit Batok Nature Park was established in 1988 on a former quarry site, and it has stunning vistas and crystal clear water. The area is pleasant and quiet, ideal for a stroll through nature.

Enjoy the splendor of the forest area by strolling along the pathways that go through it. Alternatively, you could go for a jog on the undulating terrain of the leisure center to boost your confidence or take a trip in the woods to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

The views from the top of the post focuses, which are more than 10 storeys high, are breathtaking. Don't forget to pause at the leisure center's main entrance to take in the stunning view of the lake below the towering cliff. A legacy from the area's mining past, the lake is deep and calm. Visit the memorial plaque honoring WWII service members and casualties housed inside the leisure facility. In memory of their fallen soldiers, the Japanese chose Lorong Sesuai as the location for a monument during World War II. Two sturdy pillars and a flight of 120 stairs leading up to a transmission tower are all that remain. Read the dedication inscription at the base of the steps to learn more about the history and significance of the spot.

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