How to send Personalised WhatsApp Messages for Real Estate Home Buyers?

Why use WhatsApp? 

Ever since WhatsApp came upon market, it can't be said 'only one reason for utilizing WhatsApp', these are various. It has become a famous messaging app that many users are using it globally for various reasons. 

These incorporate free global calls, sending and getting texts, utilization of the camera, group chats, file sharing, voice and video calls, photographs and video sharing etc. 

It is where you get connected with all companions, friends and family and everybody exists. You likewise consider it a worldwide network that permits you to associate with individuals in any side of the world to convey for individual or business purposes. Indeed, numerous individuals use WhatsApp to associate with clients, in light of the fact that the limit of these clients are now there. 

Aside from this, we can't overlook one of the fundamental purposes behind its notoriety is the cross-stage informing capacity. It implies you can utilize this application consistently on various cell phones just as on the work area as well. 

Most importantly, it is totally free and individuals love to utilize free applications rather than paid ones. 

We can say that individuals are utilizing WhatsApp for numerous reasons, since they can get everything on this application, totally free.

Issues with WhatsApp?

While there are many functions in place for WhatsApp and WhatsApp business, it also has its limitation. It can send out messages to numerous parties under its broadcast, but its unable to send out personalised message e.g. message that include recipient name. 

Broadcast messages are often seen as a spam as it can send to many people in a short time and often generic message that is not targeted.

Why use WAB Sender?

WAB Sender is a WhatsApp messenger chrome extension, that allows you to personalise your WhatsApp messages with variables like name, appointment date and many more. The variables can be customised using a CSV file with its relevant contact and WhatsApp contact number. 

The concept is similar to broadcast, but it allows you to customise and personalise the message, at least with recipient name before you send it out.. Note that however, this is NOT A SPAMMING app. WhatsApp may block you if you spam out to many people who in turn report you for spamming or if you contact is not in recipient phone contact list. 

Therefore, the key to using this software is to send as a follow up messages in bulk, ONLY to recipients who subscribe to your service.
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