Water Damage Restoration – Water Damage Repair And Cleanup

Water damage can be caused in many places including homes, offices, business establishments and other similar places. I strongly suggest you to visit Paul Davis Restoration of Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge to learn more about this. It is important to call a professional if you have a certain kind of water damage or mold damage in your place. Water damage can cause several serious problems in the place where the water has entered like mold growth; rotting of the material where it was watered, rust formation on metal or wood, growth of bacteria or mildew in the area, etc. If you are in need of a water damage restoration company, you should consider a few things in mind before hiring them.


The first step to water damage restoration is to identify the affected area, the extent of the damage, the location of the leak etc. After the initial step, the professionals would further do a step by step procedure, carefully explaining to you what they have planned to do. It is advisable to get a written estimate of the entire cost from the company before you sign an agreement. The next step would be to discuss with them the best way to carry out the water extraction process. This would include the amount of water that will be extracted, the type of pressure used, the specific tools that will be used, etc. In the final step, you would sign the written estimate and start the process of water extraction.

Water damage restoration can take different forms like hot tub restoration, graffiti removal, mildew removal, mold remediation, carpet cleaning, etc., depending on the type of water damage caused. In case of mold, the experts use special chemicals for killing the fungus and drying the area. Water extraction will continue even after the cleanup is complete, depending on the kind of contamination that was present in the area. For instance, if there were several people suffering from allergy due to mold, the cleanup would not only include removal of the contaminated area but also the air quality test and other checks are done.

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