What Are The Different Sanitizer Products

Among the sanitizer products available in the market are those that work with different types of organic materials such as sugar, eggs and milk, among others. While some work only with paper and other surfaces such as countertops, sinks and shower doors, others are designed to work with any type of material that is commonly found in public places where there are people who frequently come in contact with food and water. One popular type of this product is the alcohol-based sanitizer that has been designed to kill and remove the germs that are present on hands and surfaces when someone touches them, drinks from them or even touches any surface that is made of a surface that has been touched by the hands.Get additional information at  sanitizer products.

Among the sanitizers that work with organic materials are those that have been designed to combat and contain the threat of the swine flu epidemic that has claimed so many lives in recent years. The best example of this is the alcohol-based sanitizer that is produced with a formulation that contains about 0.9% of ethyl alcohol. It is a known fact that the number of people who contract the deadly swine flu virus every year is about five times higher than the number of people who contract any form of illness caused by a bacteria. This is primarily due to the fact that the former type of infection only targets the respiratory system, whereas the latter one has the potential to target almost all parts of the human body. Since it is these parts of the body that are most susceptible to contracting the virus, it makes sense for manufacturers to include sanitizers that work with this particular chemical in every type of hand sanitizer they produce.

Among the hand sanitizer products that contain methanol, one of the most common is the alcohol-based version. Although methanol has been used as a solvent for ages, it can still be dangerous for some consumers who come into contact with it. Some consumers may be at risk of contracting liver cancer, or even death, when exposed to large concentrations of the substance. So if you are shopping for this type of product, make sure that it does not contain ethyl alcohol. Other producers may be able to offer you safer sanitizers that do not contain such harmful chemicals.