A Step-by-Step Guide to Powers Dental Group

Specializes in a variety of areas, including juvenile dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and endodontics. About everybody would come into touch with one or more of these professionals at any point in their lives.
A pediatric dentist is a dentist who focuses on the oral health of children and adolescents. This age range comprises infants that are yet to develop a tooth and youth that are able to enter maturity with their teeth. Our website provides info on Powers Dental Group
The pulp isn’t given much consideration unless there’s a crisis, but it’s an important part of oral health. This is where the lymphatic and fibrous tissue, as well as nerves and small arteries, are found. If the pulp gets infected or weakened, the tooth can be lost. An endodontist can conduct the following procedures:
– Root Canal: A root canal is an operation that saves a tooth that has been infected. Future bacteria may enter the area via a crack or fall, causing infection and discomfort. The pulp is extracted during a root canal by drilling it out and covering it with a filler. A crown is then placed on the tooth.
– Crown: A crown is a porcelain cap that is molded to match the appearance and sound of the actual tooth. A temporary coating will be applied after a root canal before the porcelain cap is supplied by a dental laboratory. The period between pulp removal and crown placement would enable the inner workings of the tooth to relax into a healed state. A medicine like clove oil in ointment is often used to heal the cavity.
The cavity is sometimes treated with a product such as clove oil in order to help the nerve spasms ease. Antibiotics may be administered, as well, should an infection be suspected or already in play.
– Cracked teeth: This is another oral health issue that needs to be addressed. There are various reasons for cracks as well as remedies. Sometimes the tooth has been weakened for one reason or another, such as softening of bones, side effects from medication, illness or poor nutrition. Weaknesses in enamel are prime targets for cracks and breakage. Other times, strong and healthy enamel may be cracked by eating something hard, such as ice, a nut shell or meat bone. Sometimes the breakage occurs above the gum line while other times it will occur below it. An endodontist will treat this malady with a root canal, crown or some other type of stabilization procedure.