Resetting Your iPhone Passcode Chronicles

A lot of people wonder how to reset iPhone password because they reset it only to have problems later with it. This is why you must be very careful when you erase an iPhone, especially if you have reset your password. You really do not want to erase everything on your device and then have no way to get into it again. You may lose a lot of data on your phone, which is the last thing that any of us want. CheckĀ

We will assume here that you are trying to get into your iPhone and not wipe it clean. The first thing you can do when you reset your icloud passcode is take your iPhone out of your pocket or purse. Hold it between your two hands so that the antenna is at the bottom. Turn the iPhone on and see if you can access the default dialer on your device. If not then you need to search for the entries in the Application settings. Many times you will find that the contact information for your numbers are saved in a different location so you will need to go to that area to be able to use the contact information to dial.

To reset your Iphone you can simply hold down the Home key twice and once and then hit the Sleep/Wake button combination several times to put your iPhone to sleep. After that you will need to hold down the Sleep/Wake button combination again and then do a power cycle. If all of this did not work and you are still not able to get into your device, the next step you can try is doing a hard reset. This is a process in which you will not have access to your customized settings or even your saved emails or text messages so make sure that you are not connected to any networks when you do this process.