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Many individuals who have sustained injuries as a result of a product’s use find themselves in need of financial-assistance to enable them to pursue a claim against the manufacture the product that created the injury. One the most common forms of financial assistance on which people will rely in such situations would be either lawsuit loans or settlement loans.Do you want to learn more? Visit PPP Loan Fraud Lawyer

You are undoubtedly asking yourself the question, “What is a Product Liability claim?” The term refers to a product that is manufactured in a manner that is either defective or is either known or suspected to have caused harm to either one or more individuals. These claims are often very complex and, make no mistake about it, a competent attorney will be required to pursue such a claim successfully.

It is often frustrating for individuals who seek to obtain compensation for injuries sustained in such causes of action due to the very sophisticated structure they face. In many instances, plaintiffs will be dealing with multi-billion-dollar companies. They will be dealing with not only one but numerous attorneys specifically focusing on the claims being brought.

Manufacturers of defective products realize that in many cases juries are not sympathetic to the manufacturer’s excuses. These cases often result in substantial awards, even into the millions/billions of dollars.

The term Product Liability refers to a specific case that requires several components. The first component that must be satisfied is that an individual is able to demonstrate harm to either himself/herself or another. To be able to obtain compensation for injuries sustained, the individual injured must in some way be affiliated with the plaintiff to a degree that the burden placed upon the harmed individual substantially impacts the plaintiff in the case (e.g., death of a spouse).

It will also be necessary in the vast majority of cases to obtain expert witness testimony. The expert, along with the plaintiff, must establish the following: (a) the product’ s use, (b) dates on which the product was used; (c) harm the individual sustained as result of the product’ s use. Additional factors must also be established prior to succeeding in a Product Liability claim. It is essential that an individual consult with a competent attorney who specializes in such cases.

If you intend to obtain litigation funding (e.g., lawsuit loans, settlement loans, pre-settlement loans, etc.), it will be necessary for you to establish, among other things, the foregoing. Remember, the lawsuit funding advanced will be limited to approximately 10% of the projected value of the claim. Therefore, it will be absolutely essential to clearly establish the elements of the harm, etc.

The attorney with whom you work may also find that he/she is in need of what is called “case funding” to pursue this claim. There are many funding-entities who will work with attorneys who meet specific criteria in such instances.

Yes, a Product Liability claim can be extremely complex. Oftentimes, the award obtained may be quite substantial. This is certainly not a case where one would want to represent himself/herself against the manufacturer. Seek legal counsel from a competent attorney. Work closely to obtain requisite documentation and clearly establish the facts of your case.