Partida Corona Medical Center- A Review

“Partida Corona Medical Center has been helping people in and around the Littlest City in Nevada for more than ten years. The philosophy of our organization is dedicated to providing excellent patient care combined with outstanding quality health care. We want our patients to know they are in good hands, and that we are committed to giving them the very best treatment available.” said Edmond Thomas, owner and operator of Partida Corona Medical Center. If you are in the market for Las Vegas health insurance, we recommend that you take a look at what we have to offer our clients.Feel free to find more information at Partida Corona Medical Center.

“We are pleased to partner with Partida Corona Medical Center,” said Gary Farmer, President and CEO of Silver Sands Corp. “Their expertise makes sure our patients’ healthcare concerns are met with the utmost professionalism and dedication.” When you visit us seeking a qualified, reliable las Vegas direct primary care physician, you can count on your being assigned to a team of licensed professionals who will work with you to develop a comprehensive health care plan to meet your family’s unique needs and goals. Our highly skilled team makes sure that every patient is provided individualized attention. Our experienced team makes sure that patients get their urgent healthcare needs met without having to worry about getting lost in the crush of the larger crowd. Our team strives to make every patient feel important, and we also help them to become active participants in improving their healthcare.

If you are a legal citizen of the United States of America, who is in need of receiving a medical diagnosis and seeing an experienced, qualified doctor, we are happy to meet you. “Partida Corona” is committed to serving all individuals with all their healthcare needs. We want to make sure that all patients are satisfied with our care. For more information on how to schedule an appointment with a doctor, or call our office, toll free, please click here. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to help.