Key Pieces of Burnsville Interior Painting

A smooth, semi-gloss, or high-gloss finish may be applied to the primed surface. For a smooth finish, two coats of flat wall paint should be added after the priming coat. For a semi-gloss finish, apply one coat of flat wall paint and one coat of semi-gloss paint to the primed surface. For a high-gloss finish, apply one coat of semi-gloss paint and one coat of high-gloss enamel over the primer coat. see this Alpha Omega Painters – Burnsville interior painting

Until applying calcimine water paints to freshly plastered walls, they should be sized, either with a glue-water size or, if the plaster is dry, with a thin varnish or primer-sealer.

Cold water casein paints can be applied directly to a plastered surface, or a coat of primer-sealer can be applied first to even out uneven suction effects. In the case of resin-emulsion paints, if there is a dispute, the manufacturer’s instructions take precedence. Since resin-emulsion paints usually have some oil in the binder, they can only be applied to completely dried plaster.

Texture wall paints may also be used to decorate plaster walls. One coat of this paint creates a textured finish at a low cost, and it breaks up the monotony of smooth flat paint. It also conceals plaster cracks and patches better than standard wall paint. The disadvantage of texture wall paint is that it collects dust and is difficult to return to a smooth finish. These materials are available in water- or oil-based paints, are thicker than ordinary wall paints, and can be used on both wallboard and plaster to produce textured effects such as random, Spanish, mission, and multicoloured.

Composition wallboard presents no unusual painting problems if the usual precautions are followed, such as making sure the surface is dry and clear of grease and oil. Painting wallboard is similar to painting plaster in that it requires a primer and sealing coat, followed by whatever finish coats are desired, or it can be painted with a single coat of flat or resin-emulsion paint.