Is Licensed Medical Marijuana Doctors Necessary?

When considering going to a Medical Marijuana Doctor, it’s important to understand what exactly your doctors training entails as well as what you can expect from them. We’re not saying that Medical Marijuana Doctors isn’t helpful… we’re merely stating that they can have very different training than other physicians. Most Medical Marijuana Doctors, even Licensed Health Professionals, are not Board Certified… which means that they are not formally trained in the use or medical use of Marijuana. Registered Health Professionals, like all doctors, has gone through a certain amount of education and are trained in all the proper procedures and that which is deemed appropriate for the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from certain illnesses and ailments. Our website provides info on What Type of Doctor Prescribes Medical Marijuana?
Some medical marijuana doctors are Board Certified, but they are not formally trained in the use, handling, prescribing, or treatment of this plant extract. When looking for an MD who is willing to discuss the facts about Medical Marijuana, it’s important to find one who is willing to share their training and experience. We are not saying that a Licensed Health Professionals degree or Masters Degree isn’t beneficial, but it simply isn’t necessary to be able to author your own personal journal about your own specific situation! Medical Marijuana Doctors, or Licensed Health Professionals, also have more specialized training and can prescribe various types of medication such as Vapor Rubs, Compresses, Oils and Creams. Compressed pills, oils, or vapor rubs will all be used for a specific ailment and are prescribed accordingly.
The great thing about these doctors is that they can prescribe medications for your medical condition without the risk or embarrassing conversation with your primary care physician. However, keep in mind that there are laws governing the use of this plant extract and even though most doctors take the position that it is a harmless medicine, there is no evidence to suggest otherwise. With the growing acceptance and use of electronic devices, including laptops, PDAs, cell phones and more… it is becoming increasingly difficult to conduct private communication, much less have face-to-face communication with people around us. The information age has made it necessary to have the latest information at our fingertips and with the advent of the internet, this is now easier than ever!