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longitude and latitude. You may not see it, but it is not difficult to locate with a little knowledge. Yes, you could post a picture online and everyone will know your exact location within minutes.Learn more by visiting  Little Rock Auto Insurance

Think it’s impossible? Check out, a website that promotes geotag awareness. They also have a startling method of raising consciousness. They tweet the poster and let them know where a picture was taken and where it was taken.

People have mixed reactions, according to security expert Larry Peace. Some are enraged, while others appear to have known about geotags for some time, and many want to know how to stop it.

When Adam Savage, the host of MythBusters, took a picture of his car in front of his house and posted it to Twitter, he didn’t disable the geotags on his computer.

Flickr has reportedly placed in place protections against geotags unless photo posters request them, and it’s thought that the way and Facebook format images doesn’t always allow for a geotag to be posted, but don’t take it for granted.

The security consequences are enormous. Many people don’t think twice about taking a snapshot of their kitchen table and putting it up for sale on Craigslist. Or the pricey jewellery they’re attempting to market. However, if the camera they’re using tags the images, any thief can figure out where the seller lives and help himself to the goods. If the seller has already mentioned the best times to call, the thief now has a better idea of when the house will be empty.

When it comes to geotagging, stalking is a real danger. Stalkers may use Twitter images, Facebook photos, and casual snapshots on blogs to learn more about their victims, such as where they live, their favourite restaurants, and where they shop. It’s akin to leaving a digital trail that can be studied and tracked. All it takes is a fast search with software and a comparison to Google street maps. What’s the end result? Street view and address