Getting the Most Out of a Roof Replacement

Winter is approaching, bringing with it torrential rain, sleet, and snow. Now is not the time to extend the life of your roof if it is on its last shingles. If you do, you can find yourself in the middle of a huge storm with some cold leaks—or worse. So, if it’s time for a roof replacement, now is the best time to call in the specialists.I strongly suggest you to visit Clark Roofing & Siding, Chesapeake to learn more about this.

If you’re a homeowner in need of a new roof, the “Detroit Free Press” has some excellent news for you. A recent reader write-in piece in the newspaper was captioned “Is it time to replace the roof over your head? There are a plethora of appealing, long-lasting solutions.”


Janet H., a newspaper reader, wrote in with a conundrum. She’d always had ordinary asphalt shingles on her house, but they never lasted as long as she’d planned. Their 20-year lifespan was inconvenient for her, and she desired a longer-lasting roofing option other than metal.

James Dulley, a newspaper expert, came to Janet’s aid with some suggestions. “There are quite a few roofing materials for you to discuss with your roofing contractor,” he said first. And the first step in any roof project should always be to find a roofing contractor you can trust.

What makes a consultation with a seasoned roofer so crucial? “Even cheap asphalt shingles, which normally have a 20-year warranty minimum, should actually survive longer than 20 years,” Dulley says. As a result, Janet wasn’t getting her money’s worth from her prior roofs, and she could have saved a lot of money if she’d had the roofing shingles placed by a reputable roofer in the first place.

After pointing this out to Janet, Dulley cautioned her not to rule out metal as a roofing material too quickly. “One of the best roofs is metal, which may last a lifetime.” He did not, however, downplay the disadvantages. “Even architectural shingle roofs are significantly more expensive to instal than metal roofs.”

So what if a homeowner like Janet simply cannot afford a metal roof? Slate, tile, and plastic roofing materials are all feasible, long-lasting, and less expensive alternatives. Fiber-cement roofing is another appealing alternative, according to Dulles. “It lasts a long time since it’s made of cement and fibres that are moulded into the shapes of other common roofing designs,” he continues, “and because the colours flow through the material, it preserves its attractive appearance.”

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