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It is possible to attach new teeth quickly with some implant treatments, but your dentist will always provide you with a temporary restoration that should look and feel good until your permanent teeth can be fabricated. Your dentist will also provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for the surgical site while it heals. It’s not uncommon to experience only minor discomfort, if any at all, following a single dental implant. However, if you are in any discomfort after the anesthetic wears off, a prescription for pain relief or advice on over-the-counter painkillers can always be given. Get more informations about¬† Green Meadow Dental¬†various brands

We will provide you with your permanent teeth once your implants have fully integrated with your jawbone. These will look far better and feel far more comfortable than your temporary teeth, and you will be able to bite and chew normally with them. This can be fantastic for people who previously had complete dentures because the variety of foods they can now eat will be significantly expanded, making mealtimes far more enjoyable.Your implant teeth should last for many years if properly cared for, but it is critical to keep your dental implants clean. This is simple to do, and your dental team can give you detailed instructions on how to brush and floss your dental implants, as well as how to clean them with other tools such as interdental brushes. Even if you have lost all of your natural teeth, it is important to keep up with your regular check-ups and hygiene appointments so that we can monitor your dental implants and overall oral health.This is only a high-level overview of dental implants because each patient’s treatment is completely unique. Everyone’s dental needs are different; for example, some people may require bone grafts or sinus lifts prior to treatment, while others may still require tooth extractions.