Wedding Photography – 4 Specific Styles and Techniques

Every photographer has his or her own picture-taking style. You can usually narrow the different techniques and approaches into distinct style categories after many years of shooting. I narrowed it down to four distinct traditional wedding photography styles that we cover. We shoot each one fully and completely comfortably and encourage the couple to choose which style best reflects their personality and personal flair! Visit

  1. Photojournalism Wedding

A photojournalistic type of photography for a wedding entails the photographer not being just as interested as usual. The narrative is conveyed when the images and focus are drawn from the usual images posed and expected. We prefer to stand on the sidelines and film from the backdrop in this wedding photography theme, being as unobtrusive as possible. The photos we capture, however, put the viewer right in the mix of what is happening. Without the usual setting up and framing of an image, we catch natural moments that happen in reality. We consider ourselves to be “photographic storytellers” in this photography theme, leading the audience along the “storey” of your wedding day. This is our wedding photography format of choice. We just enjoy spotting such definite moments of interest that always fly by so fast and catching them within our lens.

  1. Orthodox Photography for Wedding

Unlike the photojournalistic wedding type, the photographer has a lot of involvement with this type of photography. Many of the portraits, incorporating a more traditional approach to wedding images, are set up and posed. The wedding photographer serves as a kind of operator, directing the wedding party and visitors through portrait positions and formations. While the Wedding Photojournalistic style is the key style of shooting for our studio, we have experience directing and guiding wedding parties through the posed party and individual formal photographs.

  1. Fashion Photography for Wedding

With its brand, this type of wedding photography rings true-it focuses on the fashion aspect. Brides requesting to take fashion wedding pictures also book studio time beyond a typical wedding day shoot. This helps the photographers to schedule a session with more illumination and artistic methods integrated. “Doing a studio model wedding shoot often gives the bride more flexibility to step into traditional fashion positions (such as hands on the waist, hunched back pose) combined with a more serious facial expression that is” fashion-like. In order to bring something new and dramatic to their wedding picture file, both brides and grooms suggest this type of wedding photography.

  1. The Wear Engagement Photography Garbage

This type of wedding photography, associated with its brand, includes the “dirtying” of wedding dress worn after the reality. This form of wedding photography is often referred to as “fearless bridal” or “rock the frock.” Usually, when it is said and finished, brides chose this to provide a creative solution to storing their wedding dress that they will never wear again. A bride may go to a beach or fountain, take photos on the streets of the city or on railroads, in deserted buildings or farms, or even get muddied up in the forests. Brides also find like this enables them to relieve the deep anxiety of the wedding.