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One reason why the medication may not be your best option is because it can worsen the effects of other mental disorders you have, such as depression and bipolar disorder. Taking medication for an extended period of time can cause serious adverse affects to your mental health. In fact, it can often lead to a worse mental health situation than what it is already going through. This is especially true in the case of bipolar disorder, which commonly has very severe mood swings and can only be managed with the proper medications. Check out this Aura MD – Dr. Ashley Toutounchi

One of the newest forms of treatment available for the disorder is called behavior modification. It is a form of medication used to teach patients how to deal with their ADHD without having to take stimulants. The medications themselves do not treat the disorder itself, but are used to teach patients how to better control their symptoms. It is not uncommon to see ADHD patients completely changing their life while on these medications, as well as their bipolar disorder. Many people have reported complete relief from the symptoms once they went through a proper treatment program for their disorder.
There are also alternative forms of treatment available for the disorder, including homeopathic remedies. Made from a specific blend of herbs, essential oils, and other substances, homeopathic remedies can alleviate symptoms and address the chemical imbalances that cause the disorder. And, unlike conventional medications, they do not have the side effects that are so common with stimulants. If you suffer from ADHD and want to try a more natural approach, it may be an appropriate option for you.