Everything You Must Be Aware Of About Pregnancy & Prenatal Care

Improvements in obstetrical and child care, as well as the resulting reduction in the high mortality rates of mothers and children, are among the greatest achievements of modern society. Despite this, many too many premature deaths of mothers and babies continue to occur today. look at this site

Pregnancy and Its Stages

When the male reproductive cell, known as “sperm,” finds and unites with the female reproductive cell, known as the “ovum,” conception and pregnancy occur. This union usually takes place in one of the “Fallopian tubes,” which transport the ova from the ovaries to the uterus, or womb. A single new cell appears first, followed by two, four, eight, and so on as development progresses. Following that, cells divide into various tissues and organs, and their development accelerates dramatically.

Although the relative rate of growth is never as high as it is during these early months of life, it is not possible to make a positive pregnancy diagnosis by ordinary examination until around four months after conception. A special hormone test will almost certainly confirm pregnancy two to three months earlier, and there are the well-known suggestive symptoms of pregnancy such as cessation of menses, morning sickness, breast changes, and abdominal enlargement. The typical pregnancy lasts 280 days (9 calendar months or 10 lunar months), but there is no accurate way to predict when the baby will arrive.

Care During Pregnancy

A woman should contact her doctor as soon as she thinks she might be pregnant, not only to be sure of her condition but also to ensure adequate treatment for herself and her growing child. Real, childbearing is a natural process, but it can easily become seriously irregular. The health of both mother and child can only be protected with proper medical treatment during pregnancy.