Men’s Wedding Bands – Their Time For Glitz

For decades, the most common option in men’s wedding bands has been a simple yellow gold band that is wider than the woman’s wedding band. The glitz was reserved for the ladies. Today, however, a growing number of men are opting for wedding rings made of a variety of metals and unique designs. They’re discovering that there are a lot of choices for making truly unique jewellery. Visit The Jeweler’s Bench – Provo jewelry repair.

Wedding rings are also widely available in white gold, titanium, tungsten, palladium, and platinum, in addition to yellow gold. Each metal has its own distinct characteristics, making each wedding band one-of-a-kind.

Although some men still prefer a basic wedding band, an increasing number of men are embracing the unique and personalised wedding bands that are now readily available. They’re on the lookout for a one-of-a-kind band. Bands set with diamonds or other gemstones, bands made of two different metal colours, and bands with personalization are only a few examples (names, dates, words). Today, there are many modern and traditional designs to choose from. Among the most common options are:

This is a classic, but very trendy, 6mm to 8mm white gold or yellow gold comfort fit wedding band with scrolling (milgrain) along the rims for ornamentation.

A modern tungsten band, which is a lightweight, ultra hard material that can withstand a lot of violence. Tungsten looks great with inlaid gemstones, is scratch resistant, and resembles silver when polished to a high sheen.

Asymmetrical grooves inlaid with diamonds, sapphires, or other gemstones create a totally modern band style. Many men prefer round-cut small diamonds, small rubies, and sapphires.

Titanium wedding bands are becoming increasingly common. In both black and light, they have a very modern appearance and are extremely durable, lightweight, and sturdy.

The lighter titanium bands are a grayish-colored metal with a rich, subtle shade when polished, making them suitable for the low-maintenance man.