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The Effects of Marijuana on Fertility: Cannabis Sativa is the plant that Marijuana is derived from. Marijuana is thought to have become even better as time has passed. Hashish, one of the Marijuana plant’s ingredients, is typically stronger than crude Marijuana due to a higher THC concentration. Since it is fat-soluble and remains in the body for about a month, it has a higher risk of causing damage. One of the biggest reasons why young people take this drug is peer pressure.I strongly suggest you to visit House of Dank Medical Cannabis – 8 Mile, Detriot to learn more about this.

It has biological effects in addition to psychoactive effects. It has the potential to affect the human reproductive system. According to some scientific studies, marijuana can temporarily reduce male and female fertility. As a result, it can be particularly risky for teenagers, as this is the time of their physical and sexual development. Marijuana has not been shown to cause chromosome damage.

Marijuana impairs sperm mobility and can lower sperm count, reducing the potency of the sperm. It also reduces the amount of seminal fluid in the body. THC is expected to be the catalyst of these shifts. Marijuana, according to some studies, may alter the mechanism of sperm hyperactivation. Marijuana smokers’ sperm swims too quickly in the early stages of swimming and burns out before fertilisation, resulting in temporary infertility.

However, these results are temporary and can be reversed within 30 days of ceasing to use is a highly divisive substance. Without a doubt, even a moderate dose of this drug is dangerous. The point of contention is the degree to which it is harmful. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is Marijuana’s most potent psychoactive component. Apart from that, this drug contains over 400 other components. Marijuana’s potency is determined by the type of plant, harvesting conditions, and the amount of THC present.Marijuana is linked to sperm DNA breaks in the same way as tobacco is.

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