All About Solar Panels


Solar panels, or photovoltaic modules, are basically made up of photovoltaic cells (PV) grouped together in a frame for easy installation. Solar panels make use of sunlight as their source of power and generate direct electrical current by conduction. There are two types of solar panels – the parabolic and the solar modules. A solar module consists of a series of PV modules or arrays.You can get additional information at TruHome Pros, West Dundee.

The number of solar cells in the array or the panel depends on the need for electricity and the size of the area for its installation. Solar panels generate electricity by conduction of electromagnetic radiation from the sun. A series of photovoltaic solar cells, made from silicon-based materials, are connected to one another through the use of wires or cables. The size of the module determines the number of cells that need to be installed for connecting; a module of 500 solar cells will have a higher capacity than a module of a hundred solar cells. One way of generating electricity with solar panels is by ‘solar energy storage’ wherein electric fields around the solar cells absorb electric charges and in turn produce electric current.

A number of people have also built solar panels for recreational use. The electrical output of solar panels works only when there is no sun because then the photovoltaic cells become totally inactive. However, solar cells do not stop producing electric current even when there is no sun because they convert solar radiation into electric current using photovoltaic cells. So, even if there is no sun, the electrical output of the solar panels work just fine.

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