The Fundamentals Of Homeowners insurance

It is very easy to obtain homeowners insurance these days. There is no doubt that this type of insurance is mandatory for each and every homeowner or property lease holder (renter). There are three main reasons which make it so important to have this insurance policy for all the homeowners. This presentation explains all these key reasons one by one.If you’re looking for more tips, view the post has it for you.

First of all, home is one of the most important investments everybody makes in the lifetime. So, there is a requirement to protect the single most investment of the life and homeowners’ insurance provides this protection.

So, number one reason to buy homeowners insurance is that it protects the homeowners against unintentional damage to the house and its contents due to fire, storm, theft, vandalism and similar threats.

Secondly, if someone slips in the property and gets injured, this insurance protects the homeowner and pay for the injured persons medical bills. It gets worse sometimes, in case the injured person files a lawsuit against the homeowner and still the homeowners insurance is there to protect the property owner.

This is called the third party liability and protects the home owner up to the limit purchased in the insurance plan. Make sure your policy includes such protection and if so, how much is the coverage.

The third main reason to buy homeowners insurance is the requirement by the mortgage lenders or banks. The lending institute want to secure its loan and set a condition for the borrower to have the homeowners’ insurance. Once the borrower gets this insurance policy only then he/she can get the mortgage for the home.

Care should be taken when buying a home insurance policy because most policies don’t protect against flood and earthquake. Most often home owners need to buy a separate policy for these two types of damages.

So, all homeowners should understand their policy at the time of the purchase. They need to make sure if the flood or earth quake coverage is included in the policy or not. This is very important for the homeowners living in earth quake or flood prone areas such as properties near to rivers, sea shores or fault lines.

Hence, the three main reasons to buy homeowners insurance are; the protection from damages to the home due to fire or theft, it protects against third person injuries on the property and lastly this is one of the conditions set out by banks to approve the mortgage loan for the home.