Skinceuticals Facial Skin Care Products

Skinceuticals is a new skin care line, started in 1997 by Dr. Sheldon Pinnell, M.D. The products are based around a unique blend of oral antioxidant serums and creams was designed and developed by Sheldon R. Pinnell the internationally recognized J. Lamar Callaway, Professor emeritus of dermatology at Duke University Medical Center. Skinceuticals also offers a very extensive line of cosmetic surgery procedures for the skincare consumer. Skincare procedures in general have grown tremendously over the last decade. There is an incredible amount of information on skin care available to the consumer today, which makes the task of choosing a skincare regimen not only difficult but extremely confusing. Visit Skinceuticals in San Diego.

The problem is that most companies simply refuse to tell you what their ingredients are and how these ingredients will affect your skin. This makes it extremely difficult to discern what is good for your skin and what is not. Most skincare companies simply hide the truth behind fancy packaging and lots of hype. One of the biggest problems with many skincare products is the use of potentially harmful chemical agents in the form of fragrances, preservatives, and dyes. Unfortunately some of these substances are necessary in order for a product to be effective.

The type of active ingredients used in Skinceuticals products should vary depending on the individual needs of the customer. For example, if a person has dry skin then a facial cream should not contain alcohol or fragrance. If the person has oily skin then a facial cream containing salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide may be in order. Skincare doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s just getting out there and finding the right skincare products for your individual needs.