Salem stem cell therapy Consolesc

Medical researchers are always looking for new methodologies and techniques that can be used to treat people more efficiently. Their extra ordinary efforts that are most of the time voluntarily devoted to the research become a source of benefit for other people. During this research, these people also have diseases and illness but they make our lives safe from these diseases. Stem cell therapy is a result of this effort that has revolutionized the field of cellular medicine and has lightened up a source of hope for those patients who are suffering from deadly diseases. If you wish to learn more about this, visit QC Kinetix (Winston-Salem) – Winston-Salem regenerative medicine

Our maturity is directly related to the maturity of our body immune system. Any change in its activity is revealed immediately through some sign or symptoms of diseases. This immunity system is ground level force of our body system that fights against disease virus, replaces dead cells and generates new cells through the process of division. This is called a natural healing process because no external factors are involved in this process. In each fight, number of soldiers is really important. Before a disease overcomes this immunity system, white blood cells fight till the last moment. At this time, symptoms are not shown. When diseased cells become greater in number then symptoms are revealed through abnormalities in different sub systems of our body.

Our growth factors are helpful in the generation of new cells and replacement of the dead ones. This growth increases as we go towards certain maturity level and at the same time, causes many changes in our metabolic system. Stem cell therapy is a treatment method that can help the immunity system at a very basic level. Building blocks of our body system are the most strong forces and at the same most weak force once diseased. Their regeneration and division is helpful when they are healthy but generation of diseased cells is deadly. It increases risk.

When mature people go through the process of Stem cell therapy, there are rare cases that any side affects of this transplant effects them. Although this treatment is not very new, yet it is at experimental stage for many diseases. Through this process, mature people feel less pain. They can move their body parts like legs, arms and hands easily. Actually, when stem cells replace the old diseased cells with new healthy cells then tissues of our body grow smoothly and the immunity system also covers up the diseases effectively.

Death rate of people treated with this technique is much lower as compared to other methods. In fact many patients who were at the final stage of their disease and had left hope have regained hope through this technique because after treatment, improvement is extra ordinary. Some controversies are there about the stem cell transplant. Three different sources of stem cells are used in this technique these include bone marrow, cord blood and peripheral blood. Moreover, donor of blood should be sibling of that person. If he has no sibling, then any other person whose tissue type matches that of the patient can be used.