Roof cleaners who work for themselves are reaping the benefits.

Is there any such thing as an undiscovered goldmine nowadays? It seems that all has been achieved before, and there is no new chance. Well, it does, and the opportunity is wide open for those who don’t mind a little physical labour in return for a large paycheck.
Anyone will now look around and see home after home with unsightly black stains on the roofs. This staining would impact approximately 80% of all roofs in the United States and Canada. Gloeocapsa Magma algae is responsible for the staining. The majority of people are unaware that this staining can be removed without having to replace their roof.
Roof shingle manufacturers had to adjust the way they made shingles as a result of the rise in petroleum prices. Unlike the original shingles, which were made of pure asphalt, today’s roof shingles are made of fibreglass and limestone. Limestone is ideal for algae growth. Dead spores from the algae are what cause the unsightly stains that are so common on rooftops. A roof can last for up to twenty years if properly maintained. This problem will persist for a long time, as there are no plans to reform manufacturing methods anytime soon. view this¬†for more info on this.

This is opening up new opportunities for people who want to work for themselves but don’t mind doing any extra work. The earning potential is substantial, and a simple drive around town provides ample evidence. Might this be a brand-new gold mine that has yet to be discovered? Many people have realised this and have decided to start their own roof cleaning company. They profit from the fact that it saves homeowners thousands of dollars compared to replacement. Roof cleaners are in high demand, well outnumbering availability. Since most roof warranties only cover algae staining for one year, roofing companies can take advantage of this opportunity to save homeowners money if there are no roof cleaners in the area.
Another group of people attempting to profit from this opportunity is selling over-the-counter items that claim to remove the staining. If you’ve purchased the item, you’ll discover that the only way to get immediate results is to use high-pressure water to blast the stains away, which goes against all the roof manufacturers suggest. Cleaning a roof with high pressure is extremely harmful.