Reasons Why You Visit Do Good Dental

Cosmetic dentistry can be broadly classified into two fields, namely general dentistry and orthodontics. General dentistry is commonly referred to as general surgery, while orthodontics is referred to as corrective surgery. In cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics is mainly used to refer to orthodontic dental surgery which improves the overall look of bite, gums and teeth. It mostly focuses on correction in dental aesthetics in terms of color, size, shape, alignment and form. Visit Do Good Dental.

The scope of cosmetic dentistry has undergone tremendous changes in recent years. In the past, cosmetic dentistry comprised mainly tooth whitening procedures. However, with the advent of advanced technology, this practice has been expanded to include such procedures as Botox treatment, bleaching, crown lengthening and veneers. Many a time, cosmetic dentists also use Invisalign braces to help correct certain problems like misaligned wisdom teeth. One can also opt for non-surgical dental implants that can help restore function after a major trauma such as a broken tooth or a dental implant procedure.

Although, most of the cosmetic dentistry surgeries are geared at improving the overall appearance of the teeth and gums, many of them also aim at correcting problems related to malocclusion. This is the situation when the teeth, when not aligned in the proper manner, create a misalignment of the teeth which results in a ‘star’ appearance on the face. Other dental problems commonly associated with those with poor oral hygiene are stained or yellowish teeth; gum recession; receding gums; swollen and painful gums. Cosmetic dentistry treatments can help to improve these conditions, besides normalizing the size of the teeth and improving the structure of the gum. This helps to eliminate the chances of gum diseases like periodontitis soft tissue infections which is highly prevalent among people with this condition.