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As Baragwanath J said in Miller v CIR; McDougall v CIR, the Commissioner, the Taxation Review Authority, and ultimately the courts must determine what is legitimate ‘mitigation’ (meaning avoidance) and what is illegitimate ‘avoidance’ (meaning evasion). Please note that the terms in the above statement are exactly as specified in the judgement. However, there is a mishmash of terms that I have explained with the words in brackets. Mitigation of taxes (Avoidance by Planning) Taxpayers have the right to reduce their tax liability and are not subject to the general anti-avoidance provisions of the law. In CIR v Challenge Corporate Ltd, Lord Templeman defined tax mitigation as follows: A taxpayer who decreases his income or incurs expenses in situations that minimise his assessable income or entitle him to a reduction in his tax liability reduces his tax liability. Have a look at What is the Best Online Tax Service 2021? to get more info on this.

However, this is useless unless the high-rate taxpayer is compensated in a low-taxed way for diverting or transferring his or her income into a low-tax group. The money must be returned in a tax-free manner. In addition, the value must outweigh the transaction costs. This is the third and final requirement for tax arbitrage to work.

For example, a meaningful definition of income is required to collect income tax. The definition of the tax base varies greatly over time and between countries, particularly when tax cuts are factored in. As a result, a country with a relatively high tax rate does not have a high tax burden (total tax paid in a period divided by total income in that period). It may refer to a person’s, a company’s, or a country’s income.) if it has a tax base that is more broadly defined than other countries. Due to the political unpopularity of high tax rates in recent years, many governments have lowered rates while broadening the tax base, often keeping the tax burden unchanged.) Due to the impossibility of identifying and evaluating all econometric variables, they are less than detailed.