Pilates Chronicles

Pilates is a progressive fitness program developed in the mid 20th century by Joseph Pilates. Pilates named his method “Pilates” after himself, after which it was alternatively called “contrology”. Pilates called his system “Contrology” because he believed, “Pilate meant to lead”. In its purest form, Pilates focuses on core strength – developing the strength of your abdominals, back and trunk muscles. It’s an ideal program for achieving toned abs but also one with several other benefits:

Pilates can be practiced by beginners and advanced practitioners alike, with the added benefit of increased strength gained by stretching the muscles and improving flexibility. You will strengthen your major muscle groups during each workout session (ie: chest, back, arms, legs etc), while also improving flexibility and stamina through improved muscle control and range of motion. It’s important to stretch prior to your Pilates workout, as this will help to prevent injury. Additionally, Pilates increases strength in all the major muscle groups of the body, which is exactly what you need when looking to strengthen your abdominals, improve your balance, reduce stress on your joints and improve your fitness levels.

Although Pilates is a relatively easy-to-learn method of exercise, it does require a certain level of discipline, and some instruction. There are several pre-workout routines and special instruction exercises that will help you achieve the best results. However, overall, Pilates is not a difficult workout method and most people can begin to experience the benefits of better posture, better body alignment, and improved core strength within a week. Pilates is recommended for everyone from athletes to sedentary individuals and can be easily adapted to most any lifestyle. Pilates is an exercise program that can make a real difference to your life!