Orthodontists – Offering You The Best In Teeth Straightening

Straight teeth are not only attractive; they also help you prevent chipping of your tooth surfaces. Crooked teeth find it difficult to chew and can place extra pressure on your gum tissue. Some orthodontic issues can cause misalignment of the jaw joints, resulting in headaches, face, or neck pains. Orthodontists will treat any orthodontic problem you might have, providing you with excellent outcomes that will make your life easier.I strongly suggest you to visit Family Dental Station – Glendale to learn more about this.

Who are they?

Orthodontists are dentists who have undergone additional training in orthodontics. Orthodontists must first complete an undergraduate degree in dentistry before pursuing a three-year full-time master’s degree in orthodontics. Orthodontists have expertise in diagnosing, managing, and avoiding problems involving tooth and jaw alignment by the time they complete their postgraduate degree.

Conditions that should be handled

There are a variety of orthodontic issues that can be resolved with orthodontic care. It is possible to treat gaps between teeth, protruding upper teeth, missing teeth, and impacted teeth. Overcrowding, underbites, overbites, crossbites, and open bites can all be corrected by an orthodontist.

Options for treatment

Orthodontic surgery can successfully correct crooked teeth and comes in a range of forms. Invisalign is a procedure that requires wearing transparent aligners over your teeth that are specially made for you. The procedure must be performed by an Invisalign-trained practitioner. He would be able to provide you with the best support because he has a lot of experience with Invisalign.

If Invisalign isn’t working for you, you may want to suggest lingual braces, which are concealed behind the teeth and gently apply pressure to the teeth, shifting them to their proper place so no one sees. If you want a quicker treatment, the Acceledent is the way to go, since it cuts treatment time in half. Acceledent applies a higher level of orthodontic pressure than Invisalign or traditional braces.