Magnetic glass dry erase board Consoles

Many porcelain dry erase boards may be delivered with a protective film on the surface to protect it during transit. This film must be removed prior to use. It is recommended to use a utility knife and carefully tracing around the inside edge of the trim around the entire perimeter of the board. Once this is complete, carefully peel the film back and away from the board. In order to ensure that your surface will function properly, it is extremely important to properly clean the board prior to its initial use. I strongly suggest you to visit Magnetic glass dry erase board to learn more about this. Using a clean, dry cloth and a non-abrasive liquid cleanser (Window or generic glass cleaner), gently clean the entire board to loosen any residue from the board. Then use a dry cloth to wipe clean the entire surface to remove all dirt and residue from the previous step. Next, using clean water, rinse the entire board and then with a dry towel wipe the entire board dry. The rinsing and drying steps are extremely important and if ignored may cause underperformance of the product.

Porcelain whiteboards are much like glass and can be maintained in a similar fashion. Markerboards can be cleaned as often as required and will not be damaged as long as the proper cleaning methods are used. Here are a few tips to keep your board in optimal condition. It is recommended to only use cleaners that have been tested to work on dry erase products such as #683 board cleaner, Expo whiteboard cleaner, or Windex (or generic glass cleaner). TEMP or isopropyl alcohol may be used to remove stubborn build-up caused by repeated use (recommended to use moderately).

Please note that cleaners that are not recommended may leave a residual film that may cause the whiteboard not to function properly and result in customer dissatisfaction and may also void the warranty of the product. All dry erase markers will write legibly on our board but may not erase properly due to their composition. It is recommended to use brand name markers, Expo brand markers, or a similar solvent-based marker. If you use your board daily, it is recommended that you clean the surface at least twice per week. In addition, it is important to know that leaving ink on the board for an extended period of time can lead to “ghosting”. It is recommended that you erase your marker board on a regular basis. If this is not possible, it may be necessary to clean your board following the steps outlined above to return the surface to its original condition.