Knowing about Windermere Pool Cleaning Service

You won’t need to do any weekly maintenance in this situation. In hotter climates, however, you might want to keep service or opt for bi-monthly service. I strongly suggest you to visit Windermere Pool Cleaning Service to learn more about this. Before you cut ties with the guys you’ve trusted to look after your pool this summer, consider the following six factors.

Cooler temperatures do inhibit algae growth, and algae problems are the most common reason homeowners hire professionals for weekly maintenance in the summer. Even though algae is less of an issue in the winter and fall, that doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods in terms of pool maintenance. In reality, the woods could be your biggest issue. The transformation of the leaves on the trees to all the glorious colours of autumn is stunning at this time of year. There’s a decent chance those flame-coloured leaves can plunge right into your crystal clear pool as they make their pre-winter dive. That kind of debris brings algae into your pool all year, but the most obvious issue you’ll have this time of year is preventing stains from forming when those once-beautiful leaves settle to the bottom.

It can be a full-time job keeping leaves and other debris out of the pool. It would be easier for those who have an automatic pool cleaner, but many homeowners dislike dragging the cleaner out of the pool to clear the acorn-filled bag. In addition to that, your service technician will check to see if the cleaner is working properly and will clear your skimmer and pump baskets. This will keep your fingertips warm in the winter.

When winter arrives, the prospect of freezing temperatures becomes a major concern. It is critical that your system’s freeze guard function properly. If it isn’t, freezing water will trigger serious issues with your pool and pool equipment. A competent service technician will keep an eye on the machine to ensure that this does not happen. Furthermore, they would be able to spot other issues that might go unnoticed during the months when you are not spending as much time outdoors.