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For a professional opinion if you’re not sure how old your roof is or how many years the shingles have left.

What is the explanation for this? For instance, if the customer is purchasing the loan, the seller would almost definitely order a home inspection. If the roof fails the inspection and you are unable or unable to make the necessary repairs, the deal is unlikely to go through. Prepare for a more thorough check if the customer is using FHA or VA financing.Do you want to learn more? Visit

Let’s look at how the age and condition of a roof will easily derail a real estate transaction. We recently wrote a bid on a home in Sebring’s Cormorant Point for our buyers. Inside Golf Hammock Estate, Cormorant Point is a well-kept 55+ neighbourhood. The buyers became enamoured with both the area and the house.

It was all they had wished for and more! The buyers received a bid that was better than the amount they wanted to pay on the property.

When the inspection day arrived, it was discovered that the roof had only a few years left in it. It was the original roof, 21 years old, and the seller expected it to be a 40-year roof based on his experience. Our purchasers engaged a roofing firm to inspect the roof and make an estimation. Following the inspection, the roofing firm met with us and explained that the majority of the granulars on the shingles had disappeared, and that the shingles would begin to deteriorate in the Florida climate. Following the purchase, the owners were able to instal a new roof.

Unfortunately, they were unable to locate a single insurance provider willing to insure a house with a roof that was 21 years old.

We called multiple insurance companies ourselves, only to discover that Citizens Insurance is the only one in Florida able to insure this roof. The fact that the buyer’s lender wanted the insurance provider to be classified by AM Best, which Citizens Insurance was not, threw the deal off. To cut a long storey short, the offer fell apart, but everyone involved learned a lot about roofing and insurance plans in the process.