Home Caregivers’ Duties – What A Primary Care Provider Does

Home care is medical or assisted care given by a trained caregiver in the person’s home, rather than care given in nursing homes or group facilities such as clinics. The caregiver’s duties may include helping the person to take a bath or shower, assist with getting dressed, help the person walk, or just listening to him or her. Home care is also sometimes called domiciliary care, community care or social care. The types of care a person receives through home care can be as comprehensive or as minimal as the situation demands.Learn more about us at Family First Home Care, Philadelphia

One of the primary purposes of home care is to decrease the need for nursing home and other long term care facilities. When a person needs assistance but does not require a specialized level of healthcare, home care can provide this service. Long term healthcare facility admission is costly and many elderly patients have difficulty remaining in their homes while receiving healthcare. An initial visit with a home care provider may be free to determine whether the elderly individual requires more care. If so, then a more specific plan for the care and services will be developed.

Another benefit of home care is that individuals who need assistance can go to bed when they choose and when they wake up when they choose. Home health care professionals to monitor the patient’s condition and progress on a daily basis, making sure that the patient gets all the care and support they need. Home healthcare professionals are not permitted, by law, to give medication to patients, nor are they allowed to give health advice. The primary focus of home healthcare professionals is to offer emotional support, comfort, guidance and assistance to the patient in managing daily living activities. Home care healthcare professionals are not allowed to give medications either, nor are they permitted to give health advice.

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