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As a facility manager, your facility may require the resurfacing of a concrete floor or the repair of a floor system that has been damaged due to everyday physical and mechanical demands. Perhaps your facility’s requirements include implementing a decorative design and using specialty coatings to truly dazzle guests with your floors. In such situations, you should contact epoxy floor professionals, who can bring their years of knowledge and skills to the work.Learn more by visiting Xpedite Coatings, Houston

Contractors bring their toolboxes with them to assist them in their work, no matter what job you need done. Without it, no contractor leaves without it, and no floor obtains the entire treatment of paints, sealers, stains, or whatever composition is required to complete the floor system.  Let’s take a look into the epoxy floor contractors’ toolboxes to see what’s inside:

Screwdriver No. 1

Screwdrivers are one of the most frequent items in the toolboxes of epoxy floor professionals. These are tools that are used to drive and remove screws from various surfaces. These dependable tools are found in the toolboxes of not only epoxy floor contractors, but also practically every repairer or worker in the construction business.

Sandpaper is number two.

Sandpaper is another tool that epoxy floor installers frequently utilise, especially during surface preparation. To remove dirt and impurities and establish a proper adhesive surface profile, surface sanding accounts for up to 70% of the preparation labour.

  1. Putty knife or scraper

For epoxy floor installers, a scraper or putty knife is akin to a Swiss Army knife. It can be used to scrape paint from floors and other surfaces and apply putty mixtures.

  1. Tape for masking

Masking tape is also a must-have in the toolkits of epoxy floor contractors. It protects the project’s non-painted portions, as well as holding drop cloths and sheets in place. Micro-barrier-edged tapes prevent liquid paint from migrating in any direction on the surface, ensuring a smooth transition between paint colours or finishes.

  1. Compound for patching

Prior to actual surface painting, the patching compound, whether powdered or pre-mixed, aids in the restoration of cracks or holes.

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