Expungement Lawyer: How A Conviction Can Be Sealable

If you were arrested for a DUI and are facing possible criminal charges or even faced with serious criminal charges, you need to get an expert DUI expungement attorney as soon as possible. An expungement lawyer will help to seal any criminal records that are in your system. This sealing doesn’t completely erase someone a criminal record, however, it does make it much less visible to the general public. A good New York expungement lawyer will guide you though the record sealing procedure.

You can have many different options when considering expungement of your criminal record. You can choose to have your convictions sealed, have they be sealed from your permanent record, or have them reduced in severity (also known as “mitigating”). You can choose to petition the court, through an application, to have your convictions sealed. Or you can work directly with the law enforcement agencies to petition their criminal records be sealed.You may find more information at Brownwood Expungement Lawyer.

In order to have your record sealed, you will need to obtain the proper certifications from the county police or state prosecutor’s office. Some of the requirements that must be met vary by state, so contacting your local criminal defense attorney is a good place to start. Your expungement lawyer will help you decide what options are best for your particular circumstances and will also guide you throughout the entire process.