Creativity is King in the World of Independent Film Production

A low-budget filmmaker’s most important asset is his or her artistic mind. It all begins with an initial thought, which must then be nurtured before it matures into a brilliant concept. After that, it’s a matter of putting every ounce of energy and money you have into making that concept into a film.Learn more about us at Live Hub Events

The majority of the popular films that are currently screening at film festivals were made for a fraction of the cost of a big Hollywood studio film. Thanks to technological advancements, almost everyone can now make a movie. Film cameras, video cameras, sound recording equipment, and just about every other piece of filmmaking equipment can now be bought for a very reasonable price. With today’s technology, even a low-budget film can have a production value that makes it seem as though James Cameron was involved in the production. This professional appearance, combined with a unique storey, will help any film be admitted into film festivals such as Houston Worldfest, Cannes, Toronto Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, and others…

The big Hollywood film studios will never have a monopoly on talent, no matter how hard they try. They spend millions of dollars on consumer research to find out what the world’s moviegoers want when they go to the cinema. Despite all of their efforts, they have yet to discover a formula. The preferences of moviegoers are as unpredictable as an earthquake, because the trend shifts all the time. As a result, the door to the game has been left wide open for the world’s innovative types to join. All they have to do now is come up with a creative concept that they can turn into a film, submit it to festivals like Sundance, and let the judges decide. While the major studios have attempted to take over the film festival circuit in recent years, the little guys with the small but imaginative films continue to reign supreme.