Ask a Bail Bond Company These 7 Questions Before Using Their Services

Bail bond businesses are the last people you want to call when you’re in trouble, but they’re the ones we turn to the most. Maybe you’ve had that late-night phone call from a family member who has been arrested and needs your help bailing them out. How exactly do you go about doing that? What is the best way to get your loved one out of jail? How do you pick the correct bail bondsman or company? You can learn more at Gastonia Bail Bonds – Bail Bonds
We genuinely hope you never need to contact a bail bonds firm, but if you do, we’ve put up a list of questions to ask the bail agent you speak with.
1. What are the fees charged by bail bond companies?
The fee they charge is set by law in each state. Depending on the state, the bondsman company will charge its customers 8-15 percent of their total bail amount. Anyone providing a “discount” fee should be avoided; it could indicate that they are operating illegally and are not a respectable company.
2. How quickly can you get someone out of jail?
The only aspect of the release process and documentation that a bondsman has authority over is his or her own share of it. Most experienced bondsmen should be able to predict when the defendant will be freed fairly accurately. Getting someone out of jail may be a long and unexpected procedure, therefore patience is essential during this time. First and foremost, the prison facility will always prioritise safety.
3. What is the procedure for obtaining a bail bond?
This technique should be easily explained by a skilled organisation. The following is a summary of how the procedure works:
A. In order to analyse the risk element involved in the bond, the Bond Company will gather some basic and general information about the circumstance. For instance, where is the person being held, what charges have been filed against them, how long have they resided at their current address, are they working, and if so, where are they employed?
B. Customers must make payment arrangements and submit bond paperwork, which includes a bail bond application, indemnification agreement, and receipt.
C. The bail is subsequently posted by the bond business, and the defendant is released.
4. Do you have a valid licence?
Bail bondsmen are the only people who can lawfully negotiate and post bond in California since they are licenced by the California Department of Insurance. Dealing with bail bond firms who have a current and valid licence and are in good standing with their licencing is highly recommended. Before you hand over any money or complete the transaction, request to see the bail agent’s identification and licencing.
5. Where do you call home?
Bondsmen may or may not be in the same state as you. If this is the case, you may be charged a “posting fee,” which is when your bondsman is required to pay another bondsman to actually post the bail. Find one that is within a reasonable distance of the jail to speed processes and avoid paying an additional cost.