3D Crystals with Custom Photos – An Affordable Alternative To Diamond Engagement Rings

3D Crystals with Custom Photos are a unique way to express your feelings and personal style through crystal jewelry. The cost of these special Crystals is much more reasonable than diamond engagement rings. If you already have an engagement ring, you can combine the two to create a “princess” style of ring. This can be done by having the engagement and wedding band designed with the crystals in the same pattern. You can use colored glass to design your custom photo Crystals that will fit perfectly with your engagement ring. The result is a one of a kind piece of jewelry using your engagement photographs as the design.

3D Crystals with Custom Photos allow the user to design their own individual crystals to show their style. These photos may be taken at a professional photography studio or taken yourself. Many companies offer a wide range of Crystals with Custom Photos available at affordable prices. Choose from a variety of styles including Celtic, Edwardian, Art Deco, Retro, Vintage, Sports, Tropical, and others.Visit https://www.crystalclearmemories.com/blog/post/back-to-school-gift-ideas

Most jewelry stores carry these special crystals and can be ordered directly from the manufacturer. Online ordering is also available for the most shoppers. Most companies provide a free set of crystal stones and designs upon request. If you choose to order the crystals online, be sure to choose a reputable company offering a secure and safe site. A good idea is to read customer reviews for the company to see if others are satisfied with the quality and customer service of the site.